Peace Over Violence

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Jennifer's background is.
Born Deaf and  grow up in Accra the capital of Ghana, Live in the same community with Mamudu, She attended State school for the Deaf  Teshie- Accra from 1966 to 1975, she then went to Mampong Akwapim for her Secondary education in the year 1976 to 81. Mrs Fiadziga in collaboration with Ms Ayishetu and the other Deaf community decide to advocate and champoin the course of Deaf women and children in Ghana/African. She is the Treasurer in her church and play the role of Mother to the Founder/CEO Mamudu. Mrs Fiadziga is a self-employer.
Robert has a twin sister Rose also a member of ACDWE, Deaf by birth and the elder among the twins, he attended Demonstration school for the deaf in 1972-1982 for his Middle school in Mampong Akwapim. Robert live in the same community with Ms Ayishetu and agree to fight for the right of Deaf victim due to his younger sister's experiences of injustice among the hearing community.Robert work with the Ghana Police Service Workshop as a Spraying.